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This page is dedicated to the past players from orange high school. Here you can find every player that wear an orange panther basketball uniform from school opening in 1903 to the recent grads. also, you can find out the results to alumni games! 

Alumni Game Summeries: 

November 16th, 2019:

             COMING SOON!!......We'll see if the Alumni can make it back-to-back or can the Varsity squad take back the crown. We have to wait and find out!

November 3rd, 2018:

             THEY DID IT! The Alumni Squad finally broke the three year losing streak and beat the Varsity Team. The game started out in the Varsity Teams favor as they jumped on the Alumni early. As the first half ended it looked like the Varsity might pull out four in a row. However, the Alumni were not done and in the first couple of minutes of the second have they came storming back taking a lead early on and never looked back. The Varsity team struggled to find any sort of rhythm the second half and the Alumni played smart and dominated the offensive side of the ball. Lead by one of last years leaders Will Nunez, the Alumni finally got the W against the Varsity guys! 


November 18th, 2017:

             Talk about an up and down game!! The Alumni showed up with some numbers this year and some pop. After dropping the last two years to the Varsity team, the Alumni showed up with a total of 13 guys the most the Alumni team ever had. The game literally back and forth the entire game with not one time ever gaining more then a point difference. Dylan Jensen carried the Alumni team the second half with his 3-point shooting. The Varsity team answer came from 3 year Varsity Player and Senior lead George Urrieta. The game went down to the final minutes with still not one team taking an advantage. Ultimately, it came down defense of the Varsity team that made the difference in the game. The Alumni came up short once again and will have to wait until next year to claim the title for their first time.



November 21st, 2016:

           A GREAT TURN OUT AT THE DOME!!!!! This year had four Alumni that recently graduated and changed squads over to the alumni. The question, could that help the Alumni even the score at 1 apiece? This year we up the game to 4 quarter actual game, which brought more competitiveness to the court! The Alumni started out strong and it looked like it was going to be a long night for the Varsity squad. However, the Varsity lead by Will Nunez, George Urrieta and point guard Mateo Silva, the Varsity stormed back and tied it at the half. The second half was all Varsity as the ran up and down the court with ease, which turned out to be too much for the Alumni to keep up. Even with some great shooting from the alumni the Varsity team never took the foot off the pedal. The Alumni game goes to the younger Varsity team this year as they make it 2 years in a row with the W! Time will tell if they can go for the 3-peat! A big thank you to all the Panther Basketball Alumni that came out to play and watch! ONCE A PANTHER ALWAYS A PANTHER!

         Varsity 2 - Alumni 0 -- See you next year for another great game!!!!

November 21st, 2015:

           WHAT A GAME!!!!! The first Alumni game was pure entertainment! Both teams started lights out from beyond the arc. The Alumni looked great and it seemed that they were keeping up strid for strid with the young varsity team. The game went back and forth and at half a slight lead went the varsity squad. However, the alumni didnt go away that easy. Not only did they pull back from a 6 point defect but they took a 5 point lead!! The varsity still had a little bit a fight left and came back to tie it under a minute to go. With the alumni with the final seconds, a drive a floater from the baseline went it. Alumni up 2 with seconds to play. Varsity quickly inbounded the ball, and the ball ended up in George's hands, with the defender quickly closes out he passes it to the corner where Josue was wanting for the pass and with just seconds left Josue puts up the shot. Nothing but net! Varsity takes home an unbelievable Alumni Game!! Do not miss this next year. 

         Varsity 1 - Alumni 0 -- See you next year for another great game!!!!

Orange Basketball Past Players:

Orange High School is one of the most historic high school in Southern California. In 1903 classes begun in the Dobner Building. A couple years later W.O. Hart was named the boys basketball coach in 1914. In 1953 the new campus opens and in 1955 the Dome opens. Since then Orange has produced amazing basketball players and coaches. This is just a list in the past 10 years of players that have worn the Panther uniform with pride. If you have other names to add to this list - please send coach an email! history made here




Class of 1920 (California - Neveda State Champs)

Team Captain Lyle Richards, Albert Kuechel, Dwight Roberts, David Blank, Neil Granger, Earl Clabby, Fred Hobbs, Frank Wallace, and George Wayne.

Class of 1943

Bob Hobbs (Player of the Year)

Class of 1951

Bob Smith, Ken Sharum, Ernest Alcantar, Simon Munoz, Don Williams, Rusty Heman, George Cruz, Bruce Johnson, Richard McCarter, Glen Lukenbill, Eddie Evans, Jim Donegan, Don Paxton

Class of 1952

Bod Eudaly, Virgil Lemley, Richard Smith, George Cruz, Robin Fairbaun

Class of 1953

Class of 1954

Vince Rodrigquez, Tom Vetter, Jim Williams, Bob Schroeder, George Parham, E. Madden, Peter Maldonado, Duane Vaughn, Keith Orefendefer, Earnie Nacif, Jim Mclanis, L. Beak, E. Huffan, Forrest Shattuck

Class of 1955

M. Murry, J. Walker, H. Hall, J. Motter, D. Sturdeuant, V. Rodriguez, T Puls,

Class of 1956

Tommy Figueroa, Tom Vetter, Jim Neiger

Class of 1957

Bob Day, Rex Pendergraft (Player of the Year), Larry Bowen, Jerry Mckee, Ron Unzelman, Ken Purcell, Ken Mills

Class of 1958 (League & State Champs)

Terry Hermann (Player of the Year), Rudy Estrada, Doyle Chase, Norm Shattuck, Jerry Hunden, Reid, Terry Hart, Jack Schroeder

Class of 1959

Bill Bryant, Jay King, Jerry King, John Davies, S. Christensen, D. Miller

Class of 1960

David Valentine, G. Borea, Bill Joiner, B. Viel, D. Miller, S. Nava, L. Loewinstein, Jake Ritter, M. Delgado.

Class of 1961

Jim Schroeder, Steve Healey, Terry Baker, Pat Mckee, Robert Stolhand

Class of 1962

Larry Stewart, Nathan Pendergraft, Hal Hollister, Rick Hennings, Bob Smith, Bob Schildmeyer

Class of 1963 (League Champs)

Jesse Flores, Terry Innis, Nyal Leslie, Denny Dorks, Ken Braun, Ray Elkin, Tony Stephenson, Andy Foster, Bob Gunther, Ray Ubert, Bobo Wettlin, Alex Cervantes, Allen Batty

Class of 1964 (League Champs)

Tim Owens, Richard Price, Dave Liggett, Marty Price, Graig Miller, Don Rooey, Dennis Cole, Jim Farley, Dave Scott

Class of 1965

Karl Cudworth, Stan Bennett, Chuck Gunther, Ken Braun, Bob Strigerts, Dennis Cole, Bruce Sorenson, Jim Farley, Charlie Brande, Dave Scott, Steve Rolph

Class of 1966

Stew Myers, Dave Kendall, Richard, Logue, Tom Peterson, Andy Haas, Tom Hobbs, Dave Zirkle, Barry Hennings, Roger Hobbs

Class of 1967

Jewel Briggs, Tom Waters, Mark McMahon, Tom Williams, Tom McCollum, Larry West, Terry Miller

Class of 1968 (League Champs)

Dyle Thompson, Roger Hobbs, K. Beasley, R. Davidson, Troy Rolph, R. Busch, B. Martin, Dave Kraemer, Jim Kendall

Class of 1969

Kim Cates, Jeff Frost, Dale Paulsen, Jerry Ryan, Bill Martin, Dave Porter, Richard West, John Muller, Brad Williams

Class of 1970

Jesse Sulgudo, Gary Krudwig, Doug McFerran, Chris Burgart, Venn Smith, Wally Hamer, Steve Schrader, Rick Jaclesson, Tim Healey, Larry Goswiller, John Muller Rod Ellis, Floyd Glascow

Class of 1971

R. Rushing, M. Glasgow, P. Beaudrea, A. Bernai, T. Demlow, R. Morlok, T. McNitt

Class of 1972

Carl Balderre, Oscar Bernal, Steve Struck, Ed Maldoon, Chuck Van Patten, Dean Paulsen

Class of 1973

Bill Dowden, Brad McPherson, Rueben Helick, Brian Rydbeck, Mark Steen, Mitch Mezzulo

Class of 1974

B. Walker, G. Ayala, J. Otley, C. Nelson, L Orozco, J. Paris, M. Schuler, B. Lailland

Class of 1975

Class of 1976

Albert Amzing, Peter Koeanke

Class of 1977

Class of 1978

Class of 1979 (League Champs)

Don Paxton, Jim McFadden, Tim Deniro

Class of 1980

Class of 1981

Class of 1982

Class of 1983

Class of 1984

Class of 1985 (League Champs)

Eric Hendry, Tom Peet

Class of 1986

Dave Roth

Class of 1987

Don Adams, Jeff Smith

Class of 1988

Class of 1989

Class of 1990

Class of 1991

Carlos Duran, Thu Huynh, Jason Lee

Class of 1992

Jamiel Worthem

Class of 1993

Class of 1994 (League Champs)

Gil Gonzales

Class of 1995

Class of 1996

Class of 1997

Class of 1998

Class of 1999

Class of 2000

Class of 2001

Class of 2002

Class of 2003

Class of 2004

Class of 2005

Jonathan Gama, Brandon Palmer, Ricardo Mendez, Enrique Tavarro

Class of 2006

Bernardo Padilla, Danial Chavez, Andre D'aquila, Brennan Walker, Mike Mahi, Ernesto Gonzalez, Greg Eaton

Class of 2007

Hector Moncada, Kevin Pham, Eric Amiaga, Joseph Vargas, Darrel Rhone

Class of 2008

Juan Vega, Andy Montes, Kory Cook, Darrell Hudson, Sebastian Valenzuela, Samy Agha

Class of 2009

Need names for Class of 2009

Class of 2010

Spencer Bell, Luis Hidalgo, Matt Brown, Jered Hunt, Carlos Jimenez, Russell Eaton, Berry Padilla

Class of 2011

Ramiro Arroyo, Rafael Arroyo, Trevor Jensen, Chris Lopez, Nathan Torres

Class of 2012

Miguel De La Cruz, Dean Verzosa

Class of 2013

Brandon De Leon, Johnny Huynh, Forest Long, RJ Valenzuela, Enrique Diaz, Ethan Hawkins, Andrew Vu, Kris Galvan, Brandon Blalock

Class of 2014

Hernan Wences, Alejandro Diaz, Phil Verzosa, Joel Jaimes, Allen Guillera, Daniel Diaz, Dylan Jensen, River De La Vega, Isaac Lopez, Jonathan Garrett

Class of 2015

Brian Nguyen, Bryan Orozco, Jon Yeager, Juan Perez

Class of 2016

Michael Conelio, Salomon Figueroa, Tylor Ho, Josue Robles

Class of 2017

Cody Remigio, Sam Marquez, Jose Guardado, Ben Rivera

Class of 2018

Will Nunez, Aaron Ruiz, George Urritia, Johan Basilio, Adrian Maldonado, Jak Davis

Class of 2019

Mateo Silva, Zack Porter, Jonathan Domingez, Mario Sojo, Vincent Tran, Jose Sanchez, Manny Martinez

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